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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 19, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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we are live in campbell where firefighters discover a body after putting out a fire this morning. we'll tell you what people are saying. huge flames in oakland overnight. how authorities are saying the fire was connected to a stolen truck. we're live in petaluma where a freeze warning is in effect. we'll tell you which other parts of the bay area are also effected. more funerals today as connecticut continues to search for answers in last week's deadly school shooting. the very important announcement about guns coming from the president in just a couple of hours. all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, to you. welcome to a brand new day. middle of the week. wednesday, december 19th. i'm dave clark.
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>> is it the 19th? yes it is. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. it's so cold it felt like tahoe. >> the day froze on me, steve. >> i understand. we do have a freeze warning out for the north bay. frost advisory elsewhere. temperatures are cold. let's get to them. 20s to the north. if there is even some in the santa cruz mountains it will be cool today but change in the weather is showing up. good morning. southbound 680 traffic looks good as you drive past mission boulevard. also the morning commute is looking good in san francisco off to a nice start approaching the downtown area. it's 5:00 let's go back to dave and pam. at 5:00 we have breaking news coming in from campbell. firefighters just found a body as they rushed to an apartment house fire. janine de la vega is there. she's been there since 4:30 this morning. what is the very latest? >> reporter: the coroner is
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still here actually in the back of the apartment complex here on kiness drive. fire investigate evers are here on the scene trying to figure out how this fire started and who was the person who died here. at around 1:15 this morning residents at this apartment complex called 911 because they saw smoke coming from the carport at the complex. when they arrived firefighters discovered a storage unit under the carport was on fire. they distinguished it and opened up and found a body. police spoke to the owner of that storage unit and here's what the sergeant had to say. >> we have talked to the person who's belongings are in the storage unit. they are unaware of anything suspicious. they are unaware of anything surrounding the death of the fire. >> reporter: so at this point, we did ask police how did this
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person die? and they have no idea at this point. they still don't know the cause of the fire if that person died because of the fire. but at this point they are not calling this a homicide. and they say at this point they still do not want to call it suspicious. we do not know if this is a man or a woman who died or have an age. again the coroner will determine that. but police and fire investigators will stay here on the scene for at least another hour. reporting live from campbell janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. in overnight news oakland police are searching for the person who abandoned a stolen truck that caught fire causing a nearby building to also go up in flames. that happened just after midnight on claire street and railroad avenue. a security guard was taken to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation but no one else was hurt. the fire did cause substantial damage to the building and burned a tree nearby as well.
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5:02. happening right now bundle up. i'm telling you right now. we have freezing temperatures all over the bay area. especially in the north bay. ktvu tara moriarty is in petaluma trying to stay warm. so what does it feel like out there? >> reporter: it feels like it's freezing, dave. very, very cold out here. freeze warning in effect for most parts of the north bay between 24 and 30 degrees. we're here at a car dealership in petaluma where there is ice here on this windshield. it's tough to get off. definitely make sure you have your ice scrapers handy. calistoga and livermore two of the coldest spots. we caught up with some folks at the i. january spring resort. ice threats could cause a problem for pets, plants, and pipes. >> something to keep the water
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moving because that's what does it. when water stops moving. it will just stay in there and expand and then once you get the heat coming out it will crack. >> reporter: now growers are also covering plants to protect them from the cold snap. if you're a wine lover don't worry the grapes are dormant right now. this freeze warning is in effect until 8:00 this morning. you can see how frosty it is. it's effecting mostly parts of the north bay. as steve mentioned 24-degrees in livermore. parts of the east bay and peninsula cold and frosty as well. live from pet law ma i'm tara moriarty. time is 5:04. 11-year-old petaluma girl is in critical condition. she was hit by a van outside of an elementary school. the this happened yesterday afternoon. the kids were leaving. police think the girl ran out into the street and was not in a crosswalk when the van hit
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her. they do not believe speed or alcohol was a factor here. it appears the driver swerved to avoid hitting her but could not stop in time. more funerals planned today. so far the community has said goodbye to four children. three more will be buried today. teacher victoria soto will also be laid to rest. her family says she died protecting her terrified students. a visitation will be held for sandy hook principal dawn hoc sprung. last night in pleasanton there was a big outpouring of support. dozens of people were there for a candle light vigil.
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this was all organized by students and parents at henry moore elementary. they also raised money for the victims and their families. >> it's really important for us to stand as one for our nation, for our kids. >> i think that folks are looking for other people who to be around. during this time. because there are -- there really are no answers. >> the money that was raised will go to the sandy hook school support fund. organizers hope to send a big donation today. at 8:45 this morning. president obama will announce a white house effort to curb gun violence. president obama is putting vice president joe biden in charge of the effort. when president obama went to newtown, connecticut following the school shooting there he promised what he could do to 3re vent such tragedies in the future. congress gets briefed today by the authors of a very critical report at security in
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benghazi. the independent panel reports the security that killed four americans was grossly inadequate. coming up at 5:15 how secretary of state hillary clinton is responding to the panels criticism. let's get you going this morning. out the door. sal, did you have to sit and warm up the car for awhile? i know you were concerned about black ice on the road. >> that is right. absolutely. warming up the car you might want to warm it up so it's nice temperature inside for you. don't leave the keys in it. and also the black ice possibility just make sure that if you find yourself skidding the worst thing to do is hit the breaks suddenly. you'll pump those brakes or slow down if you can just by getting up on the accelerator. let's take a look at the pictures on 80 westbound heading out to the mccarthur maze. no major problems driving out to the maze and the metering lights are not on at the toll
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plaza. we also look at the torch plaza and look at the traffic coming into the city. christmas is less than a week away. we will see people take time off that will make it easier for those that have continue to work. if you are driving in san jose, northbound 280 is off to a nice start. let's go to steve. freeze warning out to the north bay. there is 20s livermore east livermore 24 degrees 3720s up in santa cruz mountains. so it's not just near 30. there are some that will be colder than that. fairfield 27 already. santa rosa 29. livermore right there at the airport. but not far away. it's about five degrees cooler. concord 39. 34 redwood city. moffett that is right on the bay there. that is cool for them. 35 up in oakland. 34 sacramento. redding 26. national weather service a
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little concerned some of that cold air could get trapped. some of you head up five be advised some of that cold air could get trapped there could be very low snow levels starting tomorrow. up on the north coast we could get a few high clouds later on. it's sunny and very chilly today. cold morning here but then a low drops in. there will be snow around 4,000, 4500 feet but the rainfall -- heaviest will be saturday and sunday. 3-7 north bay. just so you know if you have to leave, leave early. a lot of upper 40s or very, very low 50s. tomorrow we increase the clouds. rain starts if not late thursday very early friday and then again into the weekend. 5:09 is the time. police are searching for suspects in two bay area bank
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robberies. how both robbers got away without cash. more details on the murder suicide. the message owe van belcher said to his secret girlfriend months before the deadly shooting. traffic is moving along pretty well. it's cold out there. we'll tell you more about the traffic trouble spots when we come back. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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time is 5:12. we are getting new details about the murder suicide of kansas city chiefs linebacker jovan belcher. he was worried his girlfriend would take away his baby and money. belcher complained about perkins to a woman he was secretly dating. he sent that woman a text message saying he would shoot perkins if she didn't leave him alone. belcher later killed perkins and himself on december 1st. new this morning a closed door meeting gets under way shortly on the deadly attacks at the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. the panel found there were major security problems. >> reporter: an independent panel spent the past two months analyzing what went wrong in benghazi on september 11th. ambassador chris for stevens and three other americans were killed. the panel found security was lacking and those at the consulate could not have anticipated the attack. also the report says there were
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no protests leading up to the attack. that is in the unclassified portion of the attack. other details are considered top secret. the report also includes 24 recommendations for the state department. secretary of state hillary clinton says she's already working on implementing them. ranging from strengthening security to improving intelligence gathering. now clinton was supposed to testify at a hearing on the benghazi attacks tomorrow but she no longer will after suffering a concussion over the weekend. now in 15 minutes the senate and house foreign relation committees will be briefed on the initial findings of the report and republicans are already speaking out this morning we'll have more on that the next time i see. for now reporting live in washington kyla campbell. baublingback here at home authorities in napa county are trying to identify human remains found in vineyard. sheriff deputies were called to
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silverado trail. authorities tell the napa valley patch it appears recent rains may have washed those remains down the creek. investigators hope to go back to that scene today to collect more evidence. in san leandro a bank robber got away moments before police arrived. it happened tuesday evening at the u.s. bank just off east 14th street just a couple blocks from davis street. around 4:00 in the afternoon a man in his 20s wearing a dark jacket and hooded sweatshirt walked into the bank and handed a note to the teller demanding money. the suspect escaped with an unknown amount of cashen if police need your help identifying a man suspected of robbing another u.s. bank around noon yesterday. you are looking at surveillance pictures from the incident. the man demanded money from the teller. he did not show a weapon, he did get away with an
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undisclosed amount of money as well. that suspect appears to be between 25-30 years old. 5'9"-6 feet tall. mark zuckerberg is making his biggest charity gift. he is donating almost $500,000. it's his second donation since joining the giving pledge group. the one that was founded by warren buffet and bill gates. it encourages wealthy individuals and families to give away most of their money. more than 5,000 people in need will get free groceries for the holidays. glide memorial church will be handing out 5500 bags full of grocery. each bag has a turkey or chicken, potatoes, bread, pasta and sauce, rice, beans, and
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vegetables. everything needed to prepare a nice holiday meal. time now just about 5:17. sal, you are watching highway 101 and everything else. >> that is right. we are starting there and the traffic is looking pretty good in many areas. along northbound 101 in san francisco if you're trying to get up to the city. no major problems there. southbound 101 traffic also looks good. the morning drive is looking good on interstate 880 north and southbound. past the oakland coliseum if you are driving on 580 it's also decent start. cold temperatures out there. so just make sure that you are driving carefully in case you happen to run into a spot of black ice. the morning commute on the peninsula looks good in case you try to get to the airport 101 looks good all the way down to san bruno. let's go to steve. >> sal. >> yes, sir? >> 39 out in richmond. that is really cold for the city. 20s to the north. santa rosa 29.
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napa 29. fairfield 27. san rafael is 31. i did see 30 at kentfield. a lot of 20s in the santa cruz mountains. upper 20s along skyline and over toward livermore. i've seen two reports of 24-29. freeze warning to the north bay goes until 8:00 this morning. cold, frosty, so frost advisories for the other parts of the bay area. three degrees in tahoe. tahoe that is. i almost said truckee. 28 in ukiah. there is cold numbers to the north. we'll have a sunny day. few high clouds will drift in. this will be the change in the weather tomorrow. it will give us cloudy skies and set up for rain coming in friday. and taking us into monday morning. cold this morning. it will be a sunny day but then that low kicks in. if you have travel plans and going north, it could be a little dicey by friday, saturday, and sunday. the early you go the better.
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stay updated with all the latest. could be a little lower up toward redding. a lot of cold air is trapped. 3-7 inches of rain is possible between the north bay and monday morning. 1-2 around here. these could change a little bit. cold this morning. very cold. high clouds to the north. chilly high temps. 40s, upper 40s fairfield, santa rosa. low 50s for some. couple near 54. increasing clouds thursday. and then rain arrives friday. we'll take it right into the weekend. this morning swiss banking giant was ordered to pay $1.5 billion fine. that is after ubs admitted to paying fraud paying bribes to brokers. the fine is three times as much as bar clays bank was ordered to pay last week. the u.s. will receive $1.2 billion of that fine. in overnight news nearly all the asian stock markets
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closed with gains. japan was the biggest closing above 2,000 yen. exporters led the way. 2.4% increase. most other investors in asia and europe posting gains over optimism. checking in on our numbers. the futures do point to a higher opening that follows pretty good gains yesterday. as we get closer to the extended christmas holiday for the markets. the dow jones starts today at 13,350. all three were up yesterday. time now 5:20. the design competition for sprucing up ford mason has a winner. question tails on how -- details on how a dutch design team plans to do that. it may look like a movie scene but this was real. whether the bed sheet escape from a city jail was success. you can wake up with ktvu every morning. get the top stories sent straight to your cell phone every weekday morning 6:00
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five, four, three, two, one and liftoff. >> that wasn't your imagination. it did lift off a little more than an hour ago. three men lifted off.
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american astronaut tom max and his russian and canadian crew mates were launched from the launch pad that was used in 1961 by the first human to orbit in space. this crew is headed for the international space station. that is where another three-man crew is already stationed. back here later today family members and friends of jenni rivera will celebrate her life today during a public memorial. she was killed in a plane crash in northern new mexico earlier this morning. the cause of the plane crash is still being investigated. today's memorial for jenni is at the gibson amphitheatre. she also leaves behind five children and two grandchildren. a man hunt is happening right now in chicago for two bank robbers that pulled off a daring escape from a high-rise jail. chicago police say the two mep stuffed their prison beds with clothing and sheets to look
5:26 am
like a body. then they squeezed through very narrow windows in that high- rise jail. they scaled down about 20 stories with a knotted bed sheet. a holland base design team has won a competition to improve fort mason center. it wants to convert an empty peer building into an art themed hotel. among its other ideas create platforms that would lead out to the water. and there would be movable pontoons. one would include a heated pool. all ideas would go through a public review process. another big real estate announcement in san francisco announced deal to release 400,000 square feet. workers are expected to move in two years later. sails force also announced it's
5:27 am
leasing 100,000 square feet at 50 fremont street. in january at least at 400,000 square feet in that same building. twitter just reached a big milestone hitting 200 million active monthly users. twitter made the big announcement appropriately on its official twitter account. also tweeting the twitter sphere is the pulse of the planet. twitter recorded 100 million active users back in september, 2011. let's check traffic now. sal is the king of twitter now but he's talking to us about our morning commute. >> you don't have to listen my tweets. i'll just tell you traffic is doing well around the bay area. the morning commute looks good around the bay if you are starting off. it's clear and cold and good visibility. northbound 280 traffic does look nice. if you are driving from pleasanton to fremont, interstate 680 southbound looks good. and there are no major problems through that stretch.
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now let's go to steve. thank you. if you are watching us up in truckee it's two below. that's what i said. two below and three degrees in tahoe. much warmer there. 20s fairfield. there is a bunch of 20s. i've been looking all over the place. it's not only the north bay but also santa cruz mountains and also on the peninsula and east bay. freeze warning out for the north bay. 25 in kenwood. 26 st. helena. 26 in yountville. there is really cold numbers up there. and also a frost advisory for the rest of the bay area. we have a change in our pattern tomorrow. time now 5:27. classes resume at one san jose college but a lot of questions remain after a campus lock down. the clues investigators are still searching for at san jose city college. we are live in oakland where a business owner says he's shell shocked this morning. we'll tell you how a huge fire is connected to a stolen vehicle. we'll have more on the
5:29 am
breaking news we first told you about at 4:30. the gruesome discovery made at the scene of a house fire in campbell just hours ago.
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good morning to you. welcome back. it's wednesday, december 19th pam. i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. steve, i said it was cold. steve's response it's december,
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pam. >> in july someone will say it's hot out there. i'll say it's july. i know it's cold out there. there is a lot of 20s. there are 20s and 30s today. the nights are very, very long now. old man winter is knocking on the door here. frost advisories are out. it will be a sunny day. three in tahoe and minus two in truckee. right now traffic is moving well on highway 4. as a matter of fact it's a nice looking drive coming up through. if you are looking at nearby 680, it's looking good. now let's go back to the desk. time now 5:31. we have breaking news coming in out of campbell in the south bay just hours ago. a body was found at the scene of an apartment house fire. now the apartment some plex is on kuehnis drive. firefighters rushed there because the fire started in a
5:33 am
storage unit beneath a carport. one official told ktvu firefighters put out the fire then they found this body. police and fire officials say they will be investigating this together trying to figure out the cause of the fire and what led up to this scene. meantime one person was rushed to the hospital after an unusual fire in oakland overnight. firefighters say a stolen truck burst into flames about midnight and then the fire and the flames spread to a nearby building. this was huge. ktvu lorraine blanco is at the scene to tell us what we know about this and the damage that was caused. >> reporter: dave, i just spoke with the business owner here and he says he is of course still in shock this morning. he declined to comment on camera. you can see behind me the insurance company is out here right now and they are here to
5:34 am
secure the premises. there is not much left of his company. here's a look at the huge flames just after midnight. this is exclusive video row you will only sease on 2. the fire started in the vehicle and spread to a nearby building. that romed the baa to -- that prompted the battalion chief to call two alarm. a security guard was inside but he is okay. >> the victim was a middle-aged male. the fire was caused by a stolen truck. >> reporter: we also notice security cameras out here. no doubt they will be looking at that. the telephone and computer networking company is a total loss. investigators are still looking for the person or people who stole the car and set the fire this morning. reporting live in oakland lorraine blanco. we have new video now of a
5:35 am
standoff in albany. police have shut down two blocks while officers try to reason with the man who is possibly armed. the man is inside an apartment building. a negotiator could be heard trying to get the man to come out. other police agencies have joined in. we will keep -- we will keep you updated. you will want to grab your warm coat before you head out the door. especially if you are in the north bay where there is a freeze warning in place. tara moriarty is out in petaluma scraping ice off windshields tara. >> reporter: i know. i forgot my gloves this morning. big mistake. it's one degree below freezing here if there is a lot of ice on the windshields. so make sure that you have an ice scraper andy this morning or a good credit card. freeze warning is in effect for the north bay. temperatures dipping into the
5:36 am
20s. the frost and ice could pose a threat to pets, crops, and pipes. the best way to protect your pipes is wrapping them or letting the faucets drip slowly to keep the water flowing. >> this new growth has come out in the last couple weeks. the tissue is still soft and tender. this is the kind of soft that gets damaged when the temperature drops around freezing. >> reporter: no freeze warning in as far as but down -- freeze warning in san francisco but down right cold. st. mary opened its doors to provide emergency shelter to the homeless last night. the freeze warning is in effect until 8:00 this morning with north bay temps plunging from 20-30 degrees. livermore chilling 23 degrees there as well. definitely make sure you bound
5:37 am
bundle up. live in petaluma i'm tara moriarty. that cold weather played a part in a big accident. a two mile stretch of i-5 near the oregon border is still closed after a series of crashes. at least 60 cars lost control on black ice near the anderson grade. that is outside of yreka. that was last night. cal fire says the roads were extremely icy at the time. 16 people were injured. seven had to be taken to the hospital. 5:36. san jose city college will hold classes today following yesterday's campus lock down. investigators say a man called police yesterday afternoon claiming someone had a gun at the technology building. students were evacuated about 5:00 p.m. expect for the technology building. that is where students were searched before they were allowed to leave. >> i don't think you can ever call this an over reaction. any time we receive a possible threat on campus, we have to
5:38 am
take it seriously. >> now the last students were allowed to leave that technology building about 8:00 last night. this all happened in the middle of finals week on the campus. some of the students who had just graduated from the emergency medical technician program well their ceremony was cut short. >> took awhile. but took them awhile to get to us. because we were on the fifth floor. we did eventually get out safely. for >> in another part of the building journalism student that took the photos of the swat team searching the building. police say they haven't been able to trace the original 911 call that came in. the president of the college told us that they are buying surveillance cameras for the campus. in just a few hours senator barbara boxer will introduce new legislation aimed at improving security at schools. the bill is also in response to the tragedy in connecticut where 20 children and six adults were killed last friday. senator boxer's office says her new legislation would provide
5:39 am
state and local offices with new resources to strengthen security on school campuses. also later this morning house democrats will call for a passage of the bill banning assault magazines. magazines for more than ten rounds of ammunition would be prohibited. the bill has gained support in the wake of the connecticut tragedy and democrats will call for a vote this week. time now 5:38. the national rifle association will be holding what is called a major news conference on friday. they say they are prepared to offer meaningful contributions to the debate about gun control. in the first statement from the nra since the connecticut school shooting the nra says and i'm quoting in part the national rifle association of america is made up of four million moms and dads, sons and daughters and we are shocked, saddened, and heartbroken by the news of the horrific and senseless murders in newtown. the nra says it will not comment on the newtown school
5:40 am
shooting. immediately they did not out of respect for the families and as a matter of common decency. the nra says it wants to be part of the national dialogue to make sure the tragedy like that doesn't happen again. make sure you stay right here with us on ktvu for more coverage about the connecticut school shooting. coming up we'll take you back live to newtown, connecticut. we'll hear what it has been like for the students there who went back to school and what is complicating the investigation to figure out why the gunman did what he did. >> i can't imagine heading back to school. time now 5:39. sal is covering traffic. where you starting? >> we are starting this morning with in fact i forgot. there we go. starting on highway 4 bay point. sometimes my brain it was there and just a second ago. i had to read it off the screen. let's go to highway 4 in bay point. highway 4 the traffic is a
5:41 am
little slower coming up to the willow pass grade. no major problems coming into antioch. bay bridge toll plaza some of that is backed up. you can see traffic some day some point will start to get lighter toward the morning commute. i don't know if it will be today but it will be by the end of the week. then the morning commute is looking good on the peninsula. we have been watching 101 and 280. again it's really cold out there. be careful you may run into black ice. especially in the north bay. right steve? >> absolutely if there are really cold numbers out there. near sonoma a couple of readings. and also near kenwood and st. helena. about 25-26 degrees. napa at the airport is 29. again yountville is 27. santa rosa 29. montgomery village is 28 degrees. that is pretty cold. 30 livermore. that is is official. but i've seen 29 and 24 not far away. same for concord and also on the peninsula. there is a lot of 30s showing
5:42 am
up. three in tahoe. two below in truckee. tupelo in truck -- two below in truckee. for those heading north some of that cold air could get trapped. there could be low snow levels north. just keep that in mind. those that head up toward the oregon border. freeze warning out for the north bay. that goes until 8:00. frost advisory elsewhere. temperatures though sebastopol i did see one 24-degree reading. higher clouds will work their way into the north bay later on. we'll start off sunny today and a few high clouds late. overall it will be a very cool day. cold today. not nearly as breezy or windy. it looks friday into monday morning we'll have a series of systems coming in. between now and monday three -- two to four santa cruz mountains. today sunny but it's darn cold out there. it's crazy cold out there. chilly high temps no doubt about it. 40s for some.
5:43 am
very, very cool. maybe a slight warm up near the bay. cloudy on thursday. rain comes in friday and then guess what steady rain on saturday. heavier rain on sunday. time now 5:42. he's been connected to as many as ten other shootings. new information we have about a man accused of shooting dozens of rounds outside of a southern california mall. people in berkeley fighting for a no drone zone. we'll tell you about the regulations that could take away the city's right to pass the resolution. good morning. san mateo bridge traffic is looking pretty good. and we're just getting word that a major freeway or a major highway in california has reopened after a really bad crash. we'll give you details on that.
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welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you right now at 5:44. a body was found at the scene of a fire in campbell just two hours ago. this was on keuhnis drive. the investigation continues into the cause. right now investigators are don't think it's suspicious fire. we have freezing cold weather this morning. in fact a freeze warning in effect for the north bay. temperatures drop into the 20s. this could cause problems for people, pets, crops, and for your water pipes as well. and this morning at 8:45 president obama will announce a new white house effort intended prevent mass shootings like the one that happened in newtown, connecticut. vice president joe biden who is a gun control supporter will be leads the administration's effort. more funerals planned in newtown, connecticut today as president obama prepares to announce efforts to prevent another mass scoot shaling.
5:47 am
reporter rene marsh is in newtown again this morning where the town is trying to cope as kids go back to school and they continue to search for a motive. rene. >> reporter: that is right. good morning. we saw the school buses on the road this morning heading back for day two of schools since the deadly school shooting here in newtown, connecticut. school will not be the same. the lesson plans will be all about love and safety. parents in newtown, connecticut have cautiously sent their children back to school with extra security and counselors on hand. >> i just naturally would love to keep my kids in a bubble but i know you can't live that way. >> reporter: the close knit community is forever changed because of those 20 children that will never return to class. the investigation continues into what sparked the shooting rampage. adam lanza left a smashed computer at his home but so far
5:48 am
investigators have been unable to retrieve any data from it. toxicology texts are under way to determine if he had been taking any medications. >> i'm watching a sea of people leaving a funeral for a child and another sea of people waiting at the side of the church trying to get in. it's just really beyond words. >> reporter: teacher victoria soto will be laid to rest today and parents will bury more children. parents of grace mcdonald say they take comfort in the thought that her daughter is with her friends. >> invision all of them holding hands and they are all together up there. and they are up there with their wonderful principal. >> reporter: at a vigil last night for principal dawn hocksprung the town's mayor says their faith will not waiver. we know that the students of sandy hook elementary school
5:49 am
they are expected to resume classes in january. reporting live in newtown, connecticut i'm rene marsh back to you. >> support continues to pour into newtown, connecticut including two bay area sisters that are no stranger dealing with grief. how they are using their own information to help those cope. former security guard accused of firing shots outside of a shopping mall in new port. he is now connected to several other shootings in southern california. investigators say 42-year-old marcos fired 54 shots into the air outside of a fashion island mall in new port on saturday. no one was hit. he has been involved in ten similar shootings since april. including two that happened near disney land and another one outside of a same new port
5:50 am
law. he's still in jail being held without bail. one east bay city is considering a plan to ban the use of surveillance drones. the berkeley city council talked about the no drone zone proposal. alameda county sheriffs office is considering buying and using the four pound machine for short missions. and the drone would only be used over berkeley if authorities in berkeley asked them to use it. supporters of the no drone zone say the use of that drone violates their civil rights. right now 5:49. we were talking about starting at 4:30 this morning. that big crash. way up north. sal has an update. >> that is right pam and dave. the freeway was open just after 5:00. and it was really kind of a tough stretch there. in case you didn't hear was a 60 car pileup that closed this freeway for a good long time. i was just reading some of the notes here from chp they were a
5:51 am
lite wary of reopening it. so something like that wouldn't happen again. if you are traveling up north on highway 5 let's say north of redding interstate 5 is open again. let's go to the bay area traffic and talk about 80 westbound. right now we are looking pretty good from vallejo all the way to berkeley. when you get to the toll plaza it is light so far. we have also been looking at the peninsula temperature southbound 101 is a pretty decent drive. then across the bay 880 southbound looks good from hayward to fremont. let's go to steve. me in >> yes, you. [ laughter ] >> sorry about that. there is really cold readings up in canada. like 26 below. i was looking at that. i know it's cold here but we have 27 in fairfield. 29 napa. low 30s i just saw this tweeted
5:52 am
out three readings in palo alto. 28 skyline. and around concord and livermore even though it says 30-31 there is a lot of upper 20s. fairfield 27 degrees. also in the santa cruz mountains 29 degrees. a couple upper 30s. cole valley hovering around 35 degrees. it will be a cold morning here. we have freeze warnings to the north bay. high temps today. just not very warm. upper 40s and very low 50s. we'll talk about a change coming up in our weather with rain coming in friday. coming up in ten minutes. 5:51. bay area nurses on picket lines. where they will be protesting and the reason why. and we are learning more just within the past hour. the big honor for president obama this morning. have a good night. here you go. you, too.
5:53 am
5:54 am
i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu.
5:55 am
what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. good morning. there is a lot of upper 20s. mid 20s. freeze warning out for the north bay. there is not just 20s there. there is frost advisory for the bay. goes until 8:00. bundle up it will be cold today but sunny. registered nurses at 21 kizer hospitals plan to picket today. they are protesting what they say inadequate staffing in emergency rooms and mental health services. kizer says staffing at
5:56 am
hospitals complies with and exceeds state requirements. picketing is scheduled at 2:00 p.m. in san francisco, oakland, and sac zag. officials at second degree easy listen know are disciplining nurses that strike christmas eve. they plan to proceed with the one-day walkout and will file a complaint against sudder with federal label officials. they will join nurses at eight other bay area hospitals. they include al bait second degreer facilities in berkeley and oakland. time now 5:55. incredible story two young sisters making a very touching gesture to help the kids in newtown, connecticut deal with their grief. 11-year-old tatiana and kierra plan to send 700 copies of their book called it's okay to cry to the children. she wrote the book after her father died of a heart attack right in front of her.
5:57 am
and keira did all the art work. >> dealing with your feelings and like how to deal with when someone you knew or loved has died and passed away. >> just want them to feel like their loved ones are still with them. not like gone. >> the sisters and their mother set up a website to help raise moneying for the printing and shipping. you can get more information and find a link to that website at just click under the web link section. new this morning time magazine is just announced its 2012 person of the year and the title goes to president obama. the magazine picked mr. obama for quote finding and forging a new majority. turning weakness into opportunity. and seeking amid great adversity to create a more perfect union. this is the second person of the year award for president obama. he received the honor in 2008. this year's finalists included apples tim cook and yahoo ceo
5:58 am
marissa meyer. sal is back. we have a commute already this morning. >> that is right we do. we are looking at the traffic getting busier around the bay area. starting off with a look at the south bay. more cars are joining us. also this morning we are looking at the san mateo and dumbarton bridge those freeways looking pretty good. let's go back to you. coming up next a possible new clue about what set off gunman in the connecticut school shooting. the plans the gunman's mother was reportedly making that may have triggered the violent reaction. a story just happened this morning. we will bring you another live update from the south bay. a body was found just hours ago. firefighters were rushing to put out a fire. good morning. all sorts of warnings. we'll talk about those and some of the cold numbers already coming in. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
5:59 am
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